What is a Furoshiki?

The Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth originally used to carry bathroom essentials to the hot springs (known as Onsens in Japan).

Still used in modern day Japan, the Furoshiki has truly stood the test of time. Having been reinvented time and time again, these beautiful printed cloths can be used for just about anything - the possibilities are endless!

Incorporating the Furoshiki into your daily life is not only simple, but also fun! We use our Furoshikis in every aspect of our lives; from the weekly shop to wrapping our lunch boxes… Julia even uses hers as a fashion accessory.

Best of all, the Furoshiki is durable, re-usable and eco-friendly!

For ideas and inspiration, please check out the 'How to Wrap' page. We'd love to see how you wrap yours, so please remember to tag us on Instagram. 


We hope you enjoy the creativity and organisation the Furoshiki brings into your home.

Happy wrapping!